All Greek and Cyprian radio amateurs can participate in this contest.
Only one participation for every callsign is allowed,in one or more of the 3 bands.
The contesters must develop activities in the contest folowed by AEGEAN VHF CONTEST 2008 POLICIES.

Contesters Categories

1. One operator over one band using one or all modes from every location.
2. One operator over all bands using one or all modes from every location.
3. Many operators over one band using one or all modes from every location.
4. Many operators over all bands using one or all modes from every location.
Radio amateurs are free to use any equipment. There are no limitations.

II.Date And Frequencies of the contest

AEGEAN VHF CONTEST 2009 starts at 00:00z on 4th of July 2009 and ends at 23:59z on 5th of July 2009

1) 50-52 MHz
2) 144-146 MHZ
3) 432-434 MHz
And the respective subzones as stated by IARU.


Every station can be confirmed only once even if it is portable or mobile.
Only one contact for every mode and band is allowed.
It is not allowed to use repeaters for contacts or for contact information exchange that did not complete succesfully in a previous QSO.
Any voice cross mode QSO's over the CW subzone are not valid for this contest.

IV.Transmission Types

Transmissions can be done in the following modes:

- For 2m band and 70cm,in CW,SSB,FM and all digital modes. (RTTY.FSK441,JT65A,B,C,M ETC.)

- For 6m band,in CW,SSB and all digital modes. (RTTY.FSK441,JT65A,B,C,M,J56M ETC.)

V.Contest Exchanges

The contesters must exchange RS or RST report for every contact followed by a unique number.This number starts with 001 for the first contact and
increases by one for each subsequent contact.This infomation exchange must be followed by the full QRA locator of the trasmitting station.


The point calculation is done automatically via a special software available from the 5-9 report website

VII. Results

A copy of the logfile must be sent via email to the contest manager no later than 14th of July 2009 and 00:00z clock.
You can send the logfile in Excel,Word or even handwritten format.
Logfiles sent after 14th of July 2009 will not be accepted. Submitting the logbook implies that the contester accepts all the rules of the contest.

VIII.Results Judgement

The results judgement is the sole responsibility of the organizing committee whose decision is final.
Contesters that will break intentionally any of the rules or do not comply to the Greek band plan will be disqualified.
Wrong callsigns or contest numbers will remove from both stations the following percentage from the final result of that contact.

1 mistake = 25%

2 mistakes = 50%

3 or more mistakes = 100%

A contact will be invalid from an obviously mistaken locator or a time difference of more than 10 minutes.Having double contact
will inflict ten times the number of points loss for that contact from the final result.
Contesters will not be punished for the failure of non contesters to comply with the rules.


They will be given awards to the 1st,2nd and 3rd place of each category.
There will also be commemorative awards to all those who submit logs.
The awars and commemorative awards will be presented from AEGEAN DX Group.
We accept and sponsored awards from radio amateur clubs,groups or teams with the right for them to place the name and the logoon the award.